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Live at The Fader

Atlas Sound

Year: 2007

Runtime: 00:33:29

Atlas Sound is the solo project of Bradford Cox, the striking and eccentric vocalist for experimental indie rocker act Deerhunter. Cox was born in 1982 in Athens, Georgia, a town whose burgeoning music scene greatly influenced the singer. He identified with the B-52's while growing up, particularly the late Ricky Wilson, and co-founded Deerhunter with drummer/keyboardist Moses Archuleta in 2001.Headlining Friday's edition of the FADER Sideshow, Cox whipped up a relaxing collage of terrestrial vocals and hypnotic Fender guitar, all flowing handsomely through miles of metal boxes and twisted wires. Though his output is organic at its source, Cox guides his music by higher powered, synthetic undercurrents, creating something that is both empowering and otherworldly.

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Indie, Alternative, Pop, Folk, Rock, Documentary

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