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Band in Seattle Episode 210

Wishbeard And Tangerine

Year: 2015

Runtime: 00:20:33

Wishbeard is a four piece band that creates dreamy post punk music. Led by guitarist/vocalist Bryn Santillan, the band is filled out with Brighton on Bass, Erin on Keyboard and Jude on Drums. Together they create warm sonic soundscapes of lush synth washes and effected guitar punctuated by a rhythm section that will inspire your dreams.

Tangerine is made up of sisters Marika on vocals and guitar and Miro on drums along with Toby, lead guitar and Ryan on bass. This close knit foursome has been described as “lovely… gorgeous, and gold flecked.” They’re also known for fusing 60’s inspired west coast pop with a twinge of R&B.

Wishbeard And Tangerine Available In:

Rock, R&B, Pop

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