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Band in Seattle: Concert 220

Kris Orlowski

Year: 2016

Runtime: 00:42:43

Victory Studios is proud to present here on Band in Seattle one of the best and newest musical artist to come out of Seattle’s indie singer-songwriting scene. Kris Orlowski has shown that making music goes beyond personal fulfillment by his ability to touch the soul of everyone who listens. He and his Band of Brothers have creatively melded the sounds of a 17 piece orchestra in his album Believer. This album has touched many lives since its debut in 2014, giving many people a chance to believe in themselves and others around them.
Kris Orlowski has brought a new energy to Seattle since being on the scene in 2010. With the help from vocalist Torry Anderson and the amazing drumming skills of Greg Garcia you will want to get up and dance the night away with your friends and loved ones. These are the sounds of peace to pain from people coast to coast. Listening to this band tonight on Band in Seattle will make you forget all the world’s problems and feel you are part of the solution.

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Indie, Rock, Documentary, Vocal

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