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Band in Seattle: Concert 220

Whitney Lyman

Year: 2016

Runtime: 00:45:35

Whitney Lyman’s voice has captivated the hearts and souls playing here tonight on Band in Seattle.   Listening to her beautiful voice accompanied by her talented band brings you into a world of tranquility and dreams. Her love for teaching music and passion for this art form shows in her cross-genre musical range from folk, to indie rock, and pop which makes listening easy on the ears  and brings something magical to your day.
Whitney Lyman is a singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist from Seattle bringing a  blend of influences from a traditional world of folk, baroque chamber music, indie rock, and dream pop creating surreal soundscapes and cinematic visuals.  Played here tonight at Victory Studios during this episode of Band in Seattle is Laser Beam which is a beautifully orchestrated song that sparked Whitney’s career back in May of 2014.  The song also invented the new musical style called dream pop.  Another song, Firebreather, brings you into the magical world of fantasy. With Rob Kliene on the drums, Evan on bass, and Andrew Joslyn playing the violin you can’t help but get lost in translation when listening to this easy listening harmonic band.

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Indie, Rock, Documentary, Vocal

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