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Qello Launches on YouTube's Paid Subscription Program

Qello, always looking to offer its extensive catalog on as many media platforms as possible, is one of the first content partners in YouTube's paid channels pilot program.  

Among some 30 partners covering sports, comedy, cooking, and education, Qello is the only major music partner to be launched in this groundbreaking service on YouTube, the largest music site in the world.  While we've introduced our official YouTube channel with 400 of our best titles, we will continue to add to the catalog regularly and plan to have 800 concerts and documentaries by the end of summer.

To help launch our new partnership, we're offering users a 14 day free trial for access to Qello's entire YouTube catalog.  And to see exactly what it's like to experience Qello on YouTube without signing up for the trial, we've unlocked the following seven titles to view for free:

Franz Ferdinand - Live at the NME Awards
Pink Floyd - Classic Album: The Dark Side of the Moon
Florence + the Machine - Live at the Hammersmith Apollo
Jason Aldean - Wide Open Live
George Jones - 50 Years of Hits
The Island 50 Festival 
Slayer - Live at the Hammersmith Apollo

When watching Qello's collection of concerts and documentaries on YouTube, you'll notice that we bring the same high quality video and audio that we offer within our apps. But we've also been able to bring our fundamental track browsing functionality to the YouTube environment.  Simply view the track list with custom cue markers below the video player and skip to your favorite tracks without needing to refresh the browser.  No more scrubbing and searching through three-hour long concerts to find your favorite songs. And, while you can navigate the most popular genres from the home page, you can also browse all that we have to offer from the Playlists page.

Qello on YouTube is available now for $4.99 a month.  Visit our official YouTube channel today to begin your 14 day free trial!  Subscribers also have the ability to link external devices to watch Qello on YouTube's apps for Xbox 360, Samsung Smart TV, iOS, Android, and Boxee. 

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