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Qello is now on PlayStation®! Win a PS Vita.

Nicole Zeitzer Johnson

Nicole Zeitzer Johnson

Posted to Partner Spotlight on November 27, 2013

PS3TM users can now turn their living rooms into a concert!  

Today marks the launch of Qello on PS3TM!  PS4TM and PS Vita are trailing right behind. Check out the announcement on PlayStation’s blog.

With more than 80 million PlayStation®3 units out there, we could not be more excited to bring our collection of full-length HD concerts and music docs to screens everywhere. 

To celebrate, we’re giving away one PS Vita a week for four weeks to PS4TM users. Log in to Qello on PS3TM system from today to December 25th to win a PS Vita!  The earlier you log in, the greater your chances to win.

Perfect timing: PS users are joining the experience just as we’re adding new titles from Universal Music Group and Sony Music!  These two deals, plus our current Warner Music Group deal, rounds out all the major labels under our one umbrella.

So now you can power up your PS3TM system and watch the biggest stars in the music biz, in their highest quality live performances, plus a ton of new artists and legends, anytime you want to!

Your living room is the place to be!


Nicole is the Team Q Director of Communications and resident music enthusiast. After a career in television production for CNN and NBC, and media consulting, she followed her deep passion for music and joined the Qello founding members to help create this service to share incredible live music… More

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