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Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club are a Northern Irish group with a voracious alt-pop appetite, channeling emo, power pop, twinkling electronica and yearning adult contemporary into a tight, punchy package. The trio of schoolmates released its first singles with Paris' Kitsune label in 2009, and in 2010 they stayed with the label for their debut album, Tourist History, which they recorded in Paris with Cassius' Philippe Zdar. Like Phoenix, another group to record in Zdar's Motorbass studio, Two Door Cinema Club specialize in kinetic bass-and-drum grooves, spiky guitar lines and sing-along choruses; what sets the group apart is its nervous emo overdrive, a gleaming sweetness always on the verge of an ice-cream headache.

Two Door Cinema Club Concert Films

  • Live at Rockwood Music Hall

    Two Door Cinema Club

    Year: 2010

    Runtime: 13 min

    Two Door Cinema club exhibit the same knack for chance that propelled them to the stage in the very beginning, experimenting ever so slightly by trimming the intense rhythms, dashing tempos, and inventive flourishes of "Undercover Martyn", "Cigarettes In The Theatre", and "Something Good Can Work" down into acoustic roots. The result is a set of songs that places emphasis on the melodies, harmonies, and story lines that drive at the heart of what this trio does. Call it another chance that, to no one's surprise, pays off in the form of this candid Guest Apartment style session with Two Door Cinema Club.
  • Musilac 2017

    Two Door Cinema Club

    Year: 2017

    Runtime: 56 min

    Watch Two Door Cinema Club's performance live at Musilac Music Festival in 2017.

Two Door Cinema Club Top Tracks

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