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The Groundhogs

While the Groundhogs never enjoyed even a shadow of the commercial success of pretty much all their British blues-rock brethren, fans of the style will be surprised when they finally do come across the Groundhogs' excellent early '70s albums. Led by the unpredictable but precise guitar-work and Clapton-ish vocals of Tony McPhee, the Groundhogs formed in London in 1963; their first triumph was touring as the backing band for John Lee Hooker throughout the decade. Three albums -- Thank Christ for the Bomb, Split and Who Will Save the World? The Mighty Groundhogs! -- came out in 1970, '71 and '72, respectively, and represent the band's creative peak. Standard flashiness and a string of unfortunate hog-pun album titles marked their later output. Although they continue to tour (in one form or another) even today, it's the trinity of those early albums that rock fans tend to gravitate toward. McPhee has a knack for pentatonically satisfying riffs that often either ascend or descend and are followed by blaring, explosive lead breaks.

The Groundhogs Concert Films

  • Live At The Astoria

    The Groundhogs

    Year: 1998

    Runtime: 1 hr 21 min

    Filmed at Londons Astoria on February 20th 1998, this was the first complete Groundhogs live show ever to be filmed. The band were touring in support of their album Hogs In Wolfs Clothing, their tribute to the great Howlin Wolf, and the show starts and finishes with tracks from that album but also features songs from across their career going right back to Still A Fool from their 1968 debut album Scratching The Surface. The line-up is Tony (T.S.) McPhee guitars & vocals, Eric Chipulina bass, Pete Correa drums.

The Groundhogs Top Tracks

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