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Tenacious D

If you still haven't experienced Tenacious D's dirty acoustic molestation, you're in for a guilty sort of comedic treat. Kyle Gass (KG) and comedic actor Jack Black (JB) fictitiously perform acoustically at open mic night every single week. The joke is the degree of seriousness with which they perform, as they draw from all that is hessian to parody rock and Metal posturing with their brilliantly written, tongue-in-cheek lyrics. But a funny thing happened on the way to the henhouse: they're actually great performers, with riffing acoustics and vocal operatics amazingly on-the-mark. As with most great acts, no singular description can do Tenacious D justice, and they simply must be both seen and heard if one is to fully appreciate the uproarious nature of their sharp-witted antics. Example: the song "Sex Supreme" involves KG and JB coming "out of the side hatch" to pleasure a "backstage Betty," which involves KG (who is bald and middle aged) "nibbling on her toes." Yikes.

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