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Talk Talk

What began as an exotic New Wave band in the early 1980s evolved into one of the most emotionally-wrought, highly orchestrated groups pop has ever produced. Guided by Mark Hollis' voice and evocative songwriting skills, and the lush production of Tim Friese-Green, Talk Talk moved away from pop songs that hid something complex under a simple exterior to album-length compositions that touch the sublime. Hollis, whose voice wavers between deep suffering and absolute rapture, sings and whispers lyrics that float through the air with the fragility of burning parchment. Citing John Coltrane and Can as primary inspirations, Hollis' songwriting became more abstract, eschewing hooks for atmospheres and traditional structures for emotion. Their 1991 swan song Laughing Stock is an apotheosis of movement between sorrow and exaltation, quiescence and overwhelming instrumentation. With that, they said all they needed to say and fell forever silent.

Talk Talk Concert Films

  • Live at Montreux

    Talk Talk

    Year: 1985

    Runtime: 1 hr 27 min

    Talk Talk were one of the most innovative and original British bands of the eighties. They enjoyed a string of successful albums and singles both in the UK and right across Europe. 1986 was the band's only appearance at Montreux and caught them at the height of their success. With a set list packed with hit singles and lead singer / main songwriter Mark Hollis' charismatic performance they delivered an outstanding concert that draws a great response from the packed Swiss crowd.

Talk Talk Top Tracks

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