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Supergrass are one of the few bands to survive -- and thrive beyond -- the mid-1990s Brit pop revival. Coming from peaceful Oxford, England, the teenage band hit the ground running, scoring high placements on British charts with their initial singles, which pointed the way for their 1995 debut, I Should Coco. The album revealed the band's knack for channeling the sound and spirit of '70s pop punk of acts like the Buzzcocks, the Undertones and the Jam while remaining connected to the original '60s British Invasion scene. I Should Coco's upbeat energy, unstoppable good spirits and contagious sense of fun stood in stark contrast to the cynically maudlin, generic teen angst alt rock wares being peddled to teenagers by the American post-grunge and rapcore scenes. This was music for sharing with friends and going out and celebrating, not holing up in your room. 1997's In It For the Money found the group taming (though not deleting) the blazing punk tempos of their first phase and further exposing the Beatles/Kinks/Badfinger accents and soaring power pop melodies at the heart of so many of their songs. While this was closer in style to what Oasis was doing at the same time, the fact that ... See More

Supergrass Concert Films

  • A Home Movie


    Year: 1993

    Runtime: 1 hr 19 min

    Britpop rockers Supergrass collects 17 of their videos as well as the 80-minute documentary A Home Movie on this film from EMI and Parlophone. With hits from the band's first four albums represented on the disc, the videos cover their early rocket-rise to stardom with such cuts as "Alright" and go all the way through their contagious 2002 hit "Grace." The documentary contains interviews with the band and features home movies from various tours and recording sessions dating back even before the band had properly formed. Filled with the kind of off-the-wall humor and style that has surrounded their work for the first ten years, the film is a must for Supergrass fans and collectors alike.
  • Glange Fever


    Year: 2007

    Runtime: 33 min

    A significant footnote in rock 'n' roll's chequered history, 'Glange Fever' is the rockumentary to end all rockumentaries. A fascinating and faintly ridiculous film following the adventures the Diamond Hoo Ha Men (aka Gaz & Danny from Supergrass) on their UK live club tour throughout December 2007. An unsettling behind-the-scenes peek into life on the road with the world's finest sequin-suited glange rock duo.

Supergrass Top Tracks

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