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Status Quo

Quick, name the band: It's placed 30 albums in the British Top 20 (including four No. 1's) since 1972, but only hit the U.S. album chart once, with a record that peaked at No. 148 in 1976. It's also scored over 60 hit singles in England -- reportedly more than any other rock band -- yet it hasn't reached the U.S. singles chart for over four decades, despite continuing to make records. The only possible answer is Status Quo, known in the U.S. almost exclusively for the single "Pictures of Matchstick Men," which went to No. 12 in 1968. That classic's been covered by everyone from Camper Van Beethoven to Ozzy Osbourne, and its riff has been swiped by thousands. But by the early '70s, Status Quo had given up twee psych-pop for a pile-driving biker-boogie trudge that would serve them well for the next several generations and for scores of largely interchangeable but reliably songful albums beloved by Brits and ignored by Americans. If you need a U.S. parallel, think ZZ Top. But even ZZ didn't have a chart-topping single in their homeland -- and certainly not one where they collaborated with a soccer team, as the Quo did with Manchester United in 1994's "Come on You Reds."

Status Quo Concert Films

  • Live At Montreux

    Status Quo

    Year: 2008

    Runtime: 1 hr 40 min

    Status Quos album Pictures (released in November 2008) celebrated 40 years of Status Quo filling the UK charts with hit after hit. The album was an instant success, charting at No.8 and selling over a quarter of a million copies in the UK alone. In July 2009 the Pictures live tour landed at Montreux in Switzerland as part of the world famous festival. The band, led as always by the twin Telecasters of Francis Rossi & Rick Parfitt, delivered a blistering set of hits and classic tracks from across their career including no less than 18 UK Top 20 hits. Huge screens behind the stage illustrated high points from Quos career and the usually reserved Swiss crowd were rockin all over the Auditorium.

Status Quo Top Tracks

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