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The Sex Pistols

Let's get one thing straight: the Sex Pistols did not "invent" punk -- in fact, they were modeled after New York rockers the Heartbreakers. Piddling technicality aside, not since Elvis had a single act caused such a ruckus. Though their career was extremely short-lived (lasting from November 1976 to January 1978), their impact on rock 'n' roll -- and popular culture as a whole -- is absolutely immeasurable. By now the story of their birth is legend. Manager Malcolm McLaren owned a small boutique, original bassist Glenn Matlock (later replaced by Sid Vicious) was an employee. Guitarist Steve Jones, drummer Paul Cook and vocalist Johnny Rotten were regulars. Soon the simple coupling of Jones' aggressive guitar work and Rotten's total irreverence for authority had galvanized a growing legion of disgruntled, lower class youth and earned them an official ban across their home country. More than that (and at risk of aligning them with Situationism, Marcus-style), the Pistols were an assault on the norm by its outcasts, a powerful force that made kids around the world (and, paradoxically, the corporate music establishment) feel OK about rebellion. They may not have invented punk rock, nor... See More

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  • Classic Albums: Never Mind the Bollocks

    Sex Pistols

    Year: 1977

    Runtime: 48 min

    Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols (or simply Never Mind The Bollocks) is the only studio album by the highly influential and controversial English punk rock band The Sex Pistols. Fans and critics alike generally regard it as an extremely important album in the history of rock music, citing the lasting influence it has had on subsequent punk rock musicians, as well as other musical genres that were influenced by such punk rock artists. In 2003, Rolling Stone rated it forty-first on their list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.
    The album was released on 27 October 1977 through Virgin Records amid controversy arising from the use of the coarse slang word (in British English) "bollocks" in its title.
    Older versions of most of the album's songs also appeared on a bootleg album called Spunk, which consists of demo recordings the band had made during 1976 and January 1977, and which was released shortly before Never Mind The Bollocks.

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