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Rival Sons

It hasn't taken long for Rivals Sons to become classic rock's next great hope. Coming together in 2008, the quartet began gigging around the greater Los Angeles area as frequently as possible. Much like their fellow Angelenos in Night Horse, the group developed swiftly into expert practitioners of late-1960s and early-1970s hard rock. Their debut album, 2009's Before the Fire, drew more than a few comparisons to Led Zeppelin from rock critics who were totally blown away. However, their collective praise tended to overlook the subtleties in the act's sound. With the rhythm section, bass player Robin Everhart and drummer Mike Miley, undertaking a frenetic tightrope act, Rival Sons possessed a boogie-infused potency that is reminiscent of The Jeff Beck Group and even Bloomfield-Kooper-Stills' game-changing collaboration Super Session. In other words, the group is more about heavy psychedelic soul than brain-crushing proto-metal riffage. Rival Sons have gone on to release a self-titled EP and another full-length, Pressure & Time. Both find the group sharpening their attack to greater and greater effect.

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