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For many listeners, Poison's music is adequately summed up by the band's name -- pretending to spit out noxious fluids when a Poison song comes over the radio is a timeless gag. But do we actually change the station? Usually not. There is an undeniable magnetism in Poison's music that remains forceful even though the 1980s are so long past. With party anthems like "Nothin' But a Good Time" and "Unskinny Bop," Poison captured the hedonistic sound of Metal before it lost its innocence to aggro-suburbanite Crossover Rap. Back then, it was okay for boy bands to squeeze their asses into spandex, tease their hair, paint their faces and sing a tender ballad like "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." It's time to 'fess up -- we only made fun of Poison to look cool. Secretly we loved them, and today we kind of miss not having them around.

Poison Concert Films

  • 7 Days Live


    Year: 1992

    Runtime: 1 hr 21 min

    At the height of their popularity, Poison were one of the most successful bands in the world and have to date sold over 30 million albums worldwide. This superb live performance captured at London’s Hammersmith Apollo in 1993 was filmed during their Native Tongue global tour and features hits from that album as well as classic tracks from the band’s history including Unskinny Bop, Stand, Until You Suffer Some (Fire And Ice) and the power ballad anthem, Every Rose Has Its Thorn.

Poison Top Tracks

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