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Patti Smith

Patti Smith was in many ways the original punk rock chick. A ferociously inventive artist who was by turns political, inspired, overhyped and underrecognized, Smith came up in New York's fertile early '70s punk rock scene. She'd spent much of the '60s dabbling in the visual arts before she turned to poetry, teaming up with guitarist Lenny Kaye in the early '70s to produce spoken word pieces set to music. The collaboration eventually led to the formation of the Patti Smith Group. Their debut album, Horses (1975), is an undeniable classic, packed with spiralling imagery, contained venom, and Smiths' trademark Dionysian excess. (The title track inspired Jayne/Wayne County's spoof "Horsesh*t.") Radio Ethiopia (1976) was somewhat less successful, but Easter (1978) made Smith and crew true stars when the Springsteen-penned "Because the Night" became mainstream radio fare. A few indistinguishable albums followed; Smith went into effective retirement after Wave (1979), moving to Detroit to live with husband Fred "Sonic" Smith (of MC5 fame) and raise her son. After Fred Smith's death in 1994, Smith returned to music, releasing several well-received albums and touring extensively. Her live s... See More

Patti Smith Concert Films

  • Dream Of Life

    Patti Smith

    Year: 2017

    Runtime: 1 hr 49 min

    Eleven years in the making, Patti Smith: Dream of Life is a unique and intimate portrait of the renowned singer, songwriter, poet and activist. Patti Smith’s music, poetry, and politics are fearless, funny, raw, and original. A beautiful collage of images, memories and performances illuminate the complexities, and captures the essence, of this distinctive, legendary icon. The film follows Patti Smith’s punk-icon roots in the 70s through the trials of daily life and untimely deaths that have formed her life and art. Smith tells the story of her early days in New York City and the people that are dearest to her including her late husband Fred Sonic Smith, Allen Ginsburg, Robert Mapplethorpe, and others, her family, and the political causes for which she so deeply struggled.
  • Live at Montreux, 2005

    Patti Smith

    Year: 2004

    Runtime: 1 hr 23 min

    Patti Smith was one of the key artists in the breakthrough of New York City punk rock with her 1975 debut album "Horses" being hugely influential on the whole New Wave genre. Her distinctive blend of rock, punk and poetry combined with her uncompromising style has ensured that she has remained a credible artist throughout her career. This concert at Montreux from 2005 was part of the tour in support of her 2004 album "Trampin'" and the setlist features tracks from her first album right through to that release. Patti Smith remains a vibrant live performer and this first ever live concert is a long overdue treat for all her fans.

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