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Michael David Rosenberg kept on the name of his chamber-folk outfit Passenger after they split up in 2009.

Passenger Concert Films

  • Live at Baeble HQ


    Year: 2013

    Runtime: 18 min

    Mike Rosenberg's crafted some of the very best observational songwriting of the year with his lovely new album, All the Little Lights. It's a lush, acoustic collection he's complemented with the perfect epithet in Passenger. "The lyrics and the stories," explains the young, Brighton-born-and-bred musician, "are told from the perspective of a passenger just watching the world go by." For his stirring session in our music room, Mike spun tales of a lonely afternoon on a riverbank in Glasgow Scotland ("Feather On the Clyde"), the hard appreciation that spawns only in the wake of personal loss ("Let Her Go") and a reminder that the present moment is everything ("Life's for the Living"). It's an emotional performance; a journey you'll be grateful to be a passenger aboard.

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