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Loretta Lynn

For the uninitiated, Loretta Lynn is one of the very biggest names in the history of Country Pop; before Reba McEntire, there was Loretta. From the start of her career in 1962 she's maintained a familiar Top-10 face, but it was the Oscar-winning film Coal Miner's Daughter (1980) that made her a brand name in non-(Ford)truck-driving households across the nation. One of the first female country singers to address feminist issues, Lynn was considered a maverick during the '70s by the Grand Ole Opry's stuffed-shirt elite. With songs like "Don't Come Home a Drinkin'" and "The Pill" she stood in stark contrast to the stand-by-your-abuser sentiment of the time. This outspoken quality and her bedrock vocal style has been her legacy, influencing countless artists and earning her the utmost respect of the Nashville nation. The album-per-year pace Lynn had kept up for almost thirty years began to slacken during the '90s as she went into a sort of semiretirement, releasing fewer records, but choosing her material more carefully. As a duet partner, she teamed up with nearly every big-name country artist, ushering that peculiarly country tradition into contemporary times. Still Country (2000) f... See More

Loretta Lynn Concert Films

  • You're Lookin' at Country: Legends in Concert

    Loretta Lynn

    Year: 2016

    Runtime: 45 min

    Loretta Lynn, rose to success through the 1960's to '70s, achieving four number one hit singles. She also teamed up with Conway Twitty and together; they gained five number one hits. Zero Records who gave her a recording contract first, spotted the star of country music in 1959, and by 1960 she had made her first hit debut single. This TV extraordinaire includes hits such as 'They Don't Make Em' Like My Daddy,' 'Hey Loretta' and 'Coal Miner's daughter.'

Loretta Lynn Top Tracks

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