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Lee Konitz

Like many jazz musicians associated with the 1950s Cool jazz scene, saxophonist Lee Konitz's beautiful tone has often blinded critics to his innovative spirit, though he quickly earned the notice of his peers in the late '40s from his work with Lennie Tristano and Miles Davis. These sides were not immediately popular, but the public quickly caught on to them in the '50s. The sense of adventure on these recordings kept Konitz on his toes, and he went on to work with such disparate iconoclasts as Stan Kenton, Jimmy Guiffre, Bill Evans, and Joe Henderson. He has kept up a consistent level of excellence throughout the decades, recording pieces that challenge the mind without assaulting the ears. He and a series of spectacular guests chart the entire history of jazz, from New Orleans jams to Avant-Garde free-form explorations on his 1967 Duets album.

Lee Konitz Concert Films

  • Alto Saxophone Jazz Solos

    Lee Konitz

    Year: 2007

    Runtime: 50 min

    One of the most individual of all alto saxophone players, the cool-toned LEE KONITZ has always had a strong musical curiosity that has led him to consistently take chances and stretch himself, usually quite successfully. The Jazz Sessions spotlights unaccompanied performances by some of the legends and bright young stars of the jazz world. Designed and recorded specifically for television, SOLOS offers viewers front row seats for an intimate and unique jazz experience. Each program features complete musical pieces, insightful interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage. Shot in stunning HDTV with multiple moving cameras and a medley of elegant cinematic lighting, SOLOS showcases an exciting and dynamic variety of jazz styles - from the blues and boogie-woogie to bebop and the experimental.

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