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Khaled Concert Films

  • AVO Session


    Year: 2012

    Runtime: 1 hr 14 min

    «Raï» is a folk music form in Algeria. The word means opinion or view, a pointed message to the world. Khaled experienced the danger of spreading that message when the Islamists took over the country in 1986. He was forced to flee at the age of just 26. Khaled continued to develop his music in France. He became a superstar and an important symbol in his homeland, although he was forbidden to perform there. Khaled wants to entertain and to be popular. He says what he thinks and he plays raï the way he wants to, electronically, but also with traditional instruments, western and yet still Maghrebian, in different languages, but most
    of all with a message that is loud and clear.

Khaled Top Tracks

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