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Keith Urban

Australia-by-way-of-New Zealand-born Keith Urban grew up loving the sounds of '60s Nashville, but don't expect to hear too much Jim Reeves in his young-hearted country love songs. Urban's sound may be rooted in the past, but his music is all about the present, replete with semi-programmed beats and dramatic, sweeping crescendos. When he was a small child, Urban took guitar lessons from a woman who placed a guitar instruction ad in his father's shop window. Not only did he show a seemingly innate talent for the instrument, but also for acting and singing in grade school plays and musicals. He was winning talent shows before he was even ten years old. Urban's father shared his love for old country songs with the boy, so the early influences of his father's record collection seeped in and set the tone for who he is today. But long before Urban became one of America's hot country stars, he played with the Ranch, a twangy Australian trio enamored with traditional tones and catchy songs. (Capitol Nashville has actually re-released their long out-of-print debut and added two bonus tracks.) Urban married actress Nicole Kidman on June 25th, 2006 before checking into the Betty Ford Center on... See More

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