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Kany Garcia

Kany Garcia's nascent success story almost didn't happen. A Puerto Rican-born singer-songwriter who was classically trained, Garcia had just successfully auditioned for the first season of Objetivo Fama (a Spanish-language version of American Idol) when she fell asleep behind the wheel while driving and got into a near-fatal accident. Her condition cost her a spot on the show, but she'd already gained the attention of music labels, and she signed with Sony a few years later. Garcia's not an obvious pop singer -- her voice is huskier and a bit more knowing than the average ingenue, but that's what has made her stand out in a crowded field. Her songwriting skills are not in question, either: she penned three tracks for Objetivo Fama winner Janina; she's also written for sister duo Ha*Ash and others. She released her solo debut, Cualquier Dia (on which she wrote all the songs), in 2007.

Kany Garcia Concert Films

  • Kany Garcia

    Kany Garcia

    Year: 2012

    Runtime: 53 min

    Puerto Rican-born pop sensation Kany Garcia headlines a live concert in the heart of Colombia. Kany (born Encarnita), is a singer-songwriter who first gained fame as a contestant on a television talent competition, Objetivo Fama, in 2004. Her strong and heartfelt repertoire includes new material as well as some of her biggest hits, including “Alguien” and “Cuano Se Va El Amor.” Kany is joined by Franco de Vita, Antonio Carmona, Jorge Celedon and Jimmy Zambrano, and Dani Martin (El Canto Del Loco). The film also contains a great deal of behind-the-scenes footage of Garcia.

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