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KT Tunstall

KT Tunstall was born just knowing she was meant for big things. The adopted child of two academics, born in the college town-cum-golf Mecca of St. Andrews, Scotland, the singer first tried her hand at children's theater, constructing dioramas. While she insists that she only showed marginal musical talent, she's forged a career as a recording artist out of a fierce determination, an engaging but offbeat personality, a knack for spotting telling moments in fractured relationships and then writing about them, and a great love for eccentric music. Tunstall, who was born Kate Victoria (the KT is both an affectation to hide her gender and a homage to PJ Harvey), taught herself guitar from a busker's book at the age of 16, when she spent a year abroad attending high school in Connecticut. Earning pocket change singing on the streets, she knew that her life would never be the same. "I never had a backup plan, nor did I want one," she insists in an exclusive interview with Rhapsody. Returning home to Scotland, she enrolled in the Royal Holloway College, where she studied music by day and listened to the seditious music of Lou Reed, the dark sadness of Billie Holiday, and the proud idiosync... See More

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