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Josh Thompson

Josh Thompson grew up in Cedarburg, Wisc., and was pouring concrete with his father at the age of 12. By the time he hit Nashville in 2005, Thompson was well-versed in the notion of working for a paycheck, a general theme which permeates many of his songs. He caught a break when Jason Michael Carroll recorded his song "Growing Up Is Getting Old." Having signed with Sony, Thompson released the blue-collar anthem "Beer on the Table." A self-titled EP followed, with an eye towards a 2010 debut full-length.

Josh Thompson Concert Films

  • Grits and Hits

    Josh Thompson

    Year: 2014

    Runtime: 18 min

    Join Mississippi girl Samantha Landrum, as she shows you how to nail those down-home Southern recipes while bringing you up-close and personal with your favorite country stars. From homemade blueberry pound cake to chart-topping anthems, Grits and Hits is a direct hit for the country lifestyle.

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