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John Fogerty

From 1968-1971, Creedence Clearwater Revival were a commercial juggernaut, with nine Top 10 albums, even outselling the Beatles in 1970. But unlike the Beatles, founding member John Fogerty just couldn't let it be, going head to head with Fantasy Records founder Saul Zaentz over wanting to rewrite contracts he signed when he was just 18. Fogerty lost the rights to songs like "Proud Mary" and "Fortunate Son" for almost 35 years, and Zaentz, an Oscar-winning film producer, sued Fogerty, claiming he was defamed on "Zanz Kant Danz" and "Mr. Greed" from 1985's Centerfield, Forgerty's fourth solo effort. That record with its driving, rhythmic songs, assertive, swampy guitars, poetic social commentary and the singer's trademark idiosyncratic raw, sometimes unhinged voice landed on the top of the charts. If that wasn't vindication enough, a San Francisco jury found Forgerty not guilty of the charges brought by Zantz. In 2005, the iconic songwriter was reunited with his songs, putting out his very first greatest hits CD, the aptly titled Long Road Home , the next year. He continues to be a vital, earthy performer, and his ascendance presaged a whole generation of heartland rockers.

John Fogerty Concert Films

  • The Musical Mojo of Dr. John: A Celebration of Mac & His Music

    Dr. John

    Year: 2016

    Runtime: 1 hr 41 min

    On Saturday, May 3, 2014, esteemed musicians and friends joined together for “The Musical Mojo of Dr. John: A Celebration of Mac & His Music”, a special concert event taping honoring this musical icon in his hometown of New Orleans. Taking place at the historic Saenger Theatre in the French Quarter, the concert paid homage to Dr. John’s illustrious songbook and featured once-in-a-lifetime collaborations from a lineup of prestigious and award-winning artists. Produced by Blackbird Presents
  • Live at Soundstage (Part 1)

    John Fogerty

    Year: 2008

    Runtime: 55 min

    Best known as the lead singer/songwriter and guitarist for Creedence Clearwater Revival, rock legend and Grammy winner John Fogerty has made a phenomenal contribution to American music for decades. CCR released 13 hit singles in just five years and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993. On his newest solo release, Revival, Fogerty incorporates all the best elements of an unforgettable career of authentic rock and roll. Revival features Fogertys signature southern growl and blistering guitar work. On this episode of Soundstage, Fogerty presents fan favorites Bad Moon Rising, Born on the Bayou and Proud Mary.
  • Live at Soundstage (Part 2)

    John Fogerty

    Year: 2007

    Runtime: 55 min

    The second half of this two-part episode continues on as John Fogerty delivers the timeless essence of his music with an electrifying stage presence and resonating energy. A genuine showman, Fogerty weaves new songs “River Is Waiting” and “Gunslinger” with classics “Green River,” “Centerfield,” “Down on the Corner” and the show-closer “Fortunate Son,” resulting in an unbelievable performance you will not want to miss.

John Fogerty Top Tracks

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