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Imogen Heap

Best known as the lead singer of trip-hop duo Frou Frou, Imogen Heap's solo work is at least as interesting -- if not more -- as her collaborations. A bundle of young, exciting and vibrant talent, Heap composes solo music that reveals both shrewd craftsmanship and eloquent passion. As a pianist/keyboardist, her skill is immediately apparent and quite impressive: there are passages on her debut i Megaphone that are simply dazzling. Song arrangements display a keen awareness of what is now -- drumbeats and basslines are consistently danceable while electronic noises swoop and swirl with a refreshingly understated gracefulness. As a vocalist, Heap brings a slinky, sexy toughness that's never riddled with melodrama. Even when she's at her most vulnerable, one can't help but think she's a born survivor who can weather any emotional storm. Heap and her co-conspirators do justice to her distinctive, honest vocal delivery and lyrics and her superb musicianship.

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