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Iam Concert Films

  • Au coeur d'iam: Génèse d'un album


    Year: 2004

    Runtime: 1 hr 14 min

    IAM is a French hip hop band from Marseille, created in 1989, and composed of Akhenaton (Philippe Fragione), Shurik'n (Geoffroy Mussard), Khéops (Eric Mazel), Imhotep (Pascal Perez), and Kephren (François Mendy). 'IAM' has several meanings, including 'Invasion Arrivée de Mars' ('Invasion from Mars'). 'Mars' is frequently used as a metaphor for Marseille in IAM's songs, another meaning is : Imperial Asiatic Man ( AKH often refers to : ( L'homme Impérial Asiatique ) ).

    This is a unique documentary on the genesis of the album "Reviewing a spring." The choice of instruments for writing texts, IAM book reveals his working methods.

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