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Greg Osby

Greg Osby Concert Films

  • Solos: The Jazz Sessions

    Greg Osby

    Year: 2009

    Runtime: 53 min

    Saxophonist, composer, producer and educator Greg Osby has made an indelible mark on contemporary jazz as a leader of his own ensembles and as a guest artist with other acclaimed jazz groups for the past 20 years. Highly regarded for his insightful and innovative approach to composition and performance, Osby has earned numerous awards and critical acclaim. In this special set of solo performances, Osby explores a range of emotional and musical states, always seeking to tie his ideas together; his long alto-lines linger in the air as he weaves new ideas beneath and over-top. A true innovator, these solos showcase an artist unadorned, free to pursue his musical alchemy.
  • Solos: The Jazz Sessions

    Greg Osby & John Abercrombie

    Year: 2011

    Runtime: 48 min

    39-part musical session series which, in this episode, stars jazz guitarist, John Abercrombie, and saxophonist/composer, Greg Osby. Abercrombie has been noted for mixing styles from bebop to blues, and using contemporary digital equipment to further enhance his music. Osby has led his own ensembles and guest performed in jazz bands for the past 20 years. The episode features live footage and interviews with both musicians.

Greg Osby Top Tracks

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