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Fountains Of Wayne

Most suburban teens today worry about love while listening to abrasive rock or rap about poverty and revolution -- presumably to put a little drama into their lives. Fountains of Wayne, on the other hand, make ultra catchy pop music about guys who live in the suburbs and worry about love. Their self-titled debut was a breath of fresh air, sounding completely contemporary while making classically structured pop rock -- think of a sunnier Matthew Sweet. Their 1999 album Utopia Parkway takes you on a tunnel-of-love tour through strip malls and highway off-ramps with songs that manage to fall somewhere between vitriol and sweetness. In fact, Fountains of Wayne pour a lot of smarts into their dumb pop songs. Key member Adam Schlesinger is also a member of the equally poppy but more melancholy Ivy.

Fountains Of Wayne Concert Films

  • Live in Chicago

    Fountains Of Wayne

    Year: 2008

    Runtime: 56 min

    Pure pop is on tap as Fountains of Wayne take the stage in the Windy City. With their warm, feel-good vibe, unleashing the hooks and humor that have made them champions of power pop. Fans are treated to a career-defining set with punchy performances of their hits including Stacy's Mom, Sink To The Bottom and Radiation Vibe.

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