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In 1986 you would have been hard pressed to go anywhere on the Planet Earth and not hear Europe's perfect storm of high-flying vocals and bargain basement synth lines heralding the coming apocalypse. "The Final Countdown" made it to No. 1 in no less than 26 countries that year. Today you may be hard pressed to identify a guitar anywhere in the song, but no matter. Outside the U.S. (where they disappeared from the charts almost immediately) Europe went onto a long and lucrative career releasing albums and remaining on the international charts into the '00s. They broke up for a time in the '90s but were of course tapped to reunite and play a show for New Year's Eve in 1999 in Stockholm, a no doubt indescribable moment of synchronicity for all in attendance. Beginning in 2003, the band resumed recording and touring.

Europe Concert Films

  • Live At Sweden Rock: 30th Anniversary Show


    Year: 2013

    Runtime: 2 hr 20 min

    On June 7th, Europe took the stage in their home country Sweden for a very special occasion: celebrating 30 years of Rock music. The Swedish Rock band celebrated this event together with 30,000 people at the famous Sweden Rock Festival, playing a total selection of 28 songs, picking their personal favorite moments spanning from their earlier years up to their most recent songs. To pay tribute to some of their biggest heroes, Europe invited two very special guests to perform with them: Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy) for an electrifying version of 'Jailbreak' and Michael Schenker (MSG, ex UFO and Scorpions) for one of Hard Rock's evergreens, UFO's classic 'Lights Out'.
  • Live at the Shepherd's Bush Empire, London


    Year: 2011

    Runtime: 1 hr 33 min

    This musical release from the long running Scandinavian rock band Europe captures a live performance by the band, also known as the "Balls 'n' Banners Tour 2011," recorded during their Last Look at Eden tour in the UK, at the Sheperds Bush Empire in London on February 19th, 2011.

Europe Top Tracks

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