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En Vogue

Unlike a number of other bands that have been hand-picked and assembled by label-appointed trend-watchers and fad experts, En Vogue turned out to be a project that clicked and, ultimately, ran on its own talent. Composed of four modern-day divas -- no doubt picked for their above-average photogenic traits, as well as for their voices -- the band could scale the registers from base to apex, combining their voices into mellifluous harmonies melting over sassy beats. They managed not only to use their vocal abilities, but to intertwine a sophisticated sexuality into their songs, making some of their most popular tracks seem very nearly like exercises in the art of being coy. They rebuffed potential suitors ("My Lovin' [You're Never Gonna Get It]"), sang sweetly to lovers ("Giving Him Something He Can Feel"), and even dealt with social issues ("Free Your Mind"), handling each style with equal aplomb. The success of their work depended on their amazing ability to showcase all their talents equally, giving loyal listeners a wide-variety sampler plate of aural delights to enjoy.

En Vogue Concert Films

  • Live in the USA

    En Vogue

    Year: 2002

    Runtime: 1 hr 2 min

    This DVD features En Vogue - Cindy Herron-Braggs, Terry Ellis & Amanda Cole - in a concert they gave in Birmingham, Alabama in December of 2002 during which they performed their most popular songs, including their six US Top Ten hits. These include Hold On, My Lovin' and Don't Let Go - each of which made #2 in the U.S. charts, as well as an eleven-minute version of Giving Him Something He Can Feel. Sophisticated, stylish, sultry and sexy, En Vogue were the most successful girl group of the Nineties, notching up a string of hit singles around the world and amassing album sales in excess of eight million. Carrying on the girl group tradition popularized by such Sixties groups as The Supremes and The Ronettes, En Vogue owe a lot of their success to their skilful blending of contemporary R & B with elements of hip-hop, which gave them credibility with hip club and dance audiences. This DVD is perfect evidence of their raw talent to entertain.

En Vogue Top Tracks