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Edgar Winter

Edgar Winter is that Texas musican who studied the blues and had a famous ukulele playing brother named Johnny. Before starting the Edgar Winter Group in 1972, he played in Johnny and the Jammers (alongside his brother), the Crystaliers, and a band called the Black Plague. In 1973, Rick "Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo" Derringer produced Winter's They Only Come Out at Night, an album which, though his only commercial success, climbed its way to number three on the charts. It included the Funk-boogie instrumental hit "Frankenstein," as well as the bell-bottomed rock anthem "Free Ride."

Edgar Winter Concert Films

  • Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival

    Steve Lukather & Edgar Winter Group

    Year: 2000

    Runtime: 1 hr 6 min

    It was the coming together of two musical giants, both with their unique style.
    When these two extraordinary musicians, Steve Lukather and Edgar Winter, came together on stage at the North Sea Festival 2000, they had already achieved legendary careers in their own right.
    Steve Lukather started as a studio musician before becoming a founding member of rocband 'Toto'. His guitar style and influence can be heard on numerous albums of notable artists such as Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney and Chicago. Having been influenced by Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton, Steve developed a guitar style, which paid tribute to both Rock and Jazz styles, playing with such perfection and intensity that you can still spot his influence among a thousand other guitarists.
    Edgar Winter is the younger brother of Johnny Winter. Having debuted at the Woodstock-Festival, he also fusioned Rock, Blues and Jazz since his first great successes in 1970. Working with musicians such as Rick Derringer, David Lee Roth and Ringo Starr, he was equally well prepared to team up with Steve Lukather.