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Drive By Truckers

If the Old 97's weren't R.E.M.-adoring spastic nerds, they might sound a little bit like the Drive-By Truckers from Athens, Georgia. This country rocking quintet writes Americana anthems for the modern day working man and woman. Touched by the hooves of Crazy Horse, these guys have a rich and crunchy guitar tone, sounding like a string of Neil Young's tweed Deluxe amps turned all the way up out in an open hay field. Their music is basted in tangy harmonies and patiently marinated in both southern soul and small town honesty. These songs are powerful and cathartic creations that display unpretentious arrangements and true grit.

Drive By Truckers Concert Films

  • Black Ice Vérité

    Drive By Truckers

    Year: 2014

    Runtime: 1 hr 5 min

    "This truly is Armageddon." said the local Athens, GA meteorologist on the seemingly sub-zero night last winter that the Drive-By Truckers were scheduled to play live at the 40 Watt. Luckily no snow, ice or hail could stop the band from firing up the room as they performed their critically acclaimed 12th LP, English Oceans, in full. Titled Black Ice Verite, fans will be able to re-live this concert experience as a live film. As the final track on English Oceans,"Grand Canyon" brings together both the record and the band's 40 Watt performance, as it is an emotionally overwhelming elegy for Craig Lieske. Lieske was a longtime member of DBT's touring family, a former manager of the 40 Watt Club and a key player in the city's experimental music scene. Lieske died suddenly of a heart attack in January 2013 following the first night of the band's three-night homecoming stand in Athens. English Oceans is dedicated to him.

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