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Dinosaur Jr.

Dinosaur Jr.'s mix of Neil Young-style country rock, Sabbath doom and hardcore punk -- along with J Mascis' consistently mind-blowing guitar and laid-back whine -- was truly unique in '80s underground music. A major influence on countless bands to come (most notably Nirvana), Dinosaur's first three records combined metal and punk in a way no one had even attempted since Black Flag's My War, and they introduced the quiet/loud move that defined grunge. With squalling feedback, onion-peeling sheets of distortion and the ability to shred on a hair-metal level, Mascis was the guitar god of the indie-rock era and basically threw punk's "primitive" aesthetic out the window. In 1988, bassist and future Sebadoh founder Lou Barlow left amid mounting tension with Mascis, just as the band was breaking nationally. Green Mind, released in 1991 and featuring unprecedented amounts of melody and less ugly noise than before, made Mascis the first semi-star of indie rock. The band remained in the public consciousness until the late '90s, when Mascis turned his attention to other projects (Witch, Sweet Apple). Barlow rejoined in 2005, and the band returned to both recording and touring.

Dinosaur Jr. Concert Films

  • Bug Live at 9:30 Club: In the Hands of the Fans

    Dinosaur Jr.

    Year: 2011

    Runtime: 1 hr 3 min

    Through an online contest, six fans are selected to film Dinosaur Jr. performing ""Bug"" in its entirety at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC, June 2011. Experience the fans' joy as they witness a classic performance and meet their heroes face to face in an exclusive interview with the band. Under the awesome direction of Dave Markey (The Year Punk Broke), ""In the Hands of the Fans"" brings the fans closer to the band and the music closer to you. Includes bonus footage of Henry Rollins speaking candidly to Markey about the the band, and interviewing them on stage before the show.

Dinosaur Jr. Top Tracks

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