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Con Brio

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  • Songbook

    Con Brio

    Year: 2018

    Runtime: 16 min

    “I never heard anyone say that, and yeah, I know exactly what it means. It has to go in there, this has to be a song.” Every song has its own story, and we all think it’s a story we’ve heard before, but we haven’t. Songbook finds and captures these intriguing stories by pulling you into the process of writing and composing. Known for its pristine sound, cinematic 4k video and eye for detail, Songbook live-captured episodes emphasize the paramount importance of quality. It addresses the on-the-spot elements of blending song and location at the right moment. Both the magical location and remarkable music interaction will get the attention they deserve. Simply because Songbook isn’t just a live music session, it lives. This episode of Songbook features San Francisco-based seven-piece band Con Brio, complete with Zeke McCarter (vocals), Benjamin Andrews (guitar), Johnathan Kirchner (bass), Andrew Laubacher (drums), Patrick Monaco Glynn (keys), Marcus Stephens (saxophone) and Brendan Lui (Trumpet). The band is named after an Italian musical direction, translating to "with spirit". Living up to its name, Con Brio is known to electrify international crowds with its energetic soul, psych-rock and R&B that perfectly matches the artistic and innovative spirit of their home. Besides being, according to PopMatters "the best new live band in America", Con Brio also lays great importance on addressing political matters in lyrics revolving around the Black Lives Matter movement and the representation of America abroad.

Con Brio Top Tracks

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