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Formed by three brothers -- Pete, Sam and Joe Loeffler -- outside of Chicago in 1994, Chevelle began making noise right off the bat. Their debut album Point # 1 was produced by Steve Albini, and it earned them a spot headlining Ozzfest that same year. Their second and third albums, Wonder What's Next (2002) and This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In) (2004), both yielded hits on MTV. Vena Sera came out in 2007. The band plays the sort of heavy rock with strong melodies such groups as Trapt and Creed are known for. Although lyrically Chevelle remain focused on positivity and soul-searching, they have since distanced themselves from a Christian rock categorization they had been labeled with early on in their career. In May of 2007, their entire trailer of equipment was stolen while touring Texas, resulting in the immediate but temporary cancellation of the tour.

Chevelle Concert Films

  • Any Last Words (Live at The Metro, Chicago, IL)


    Year: 2011

    Runtime: 1 hr 5 min

    Recorded live at the Metro in Chicago in conjunction with the popular alternative metal outfit's tenth anniversary, Any Last Words features 14 high-energy tracks, including the hit singles "Send the Pain Below," "Jars," "Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)," and "Letter from a Thief." The performances are crisply produced and tightly played before an audience of obvious fans. The remainder of the set is evenly balanced between the group's four major-label studio albums that followed their Steve Albini-produced 1999 debut, Point #1.
  • Live From the Norva


    Year: 2003

    Runtime: 1 hr 16 min

    Live From The Norva features an hourlong set from alt-rockers Chevelle at the Norfolk, Virginia theater. The band delivers hits from their platinum-selling Wonder What’s Next, including "Send The Pain Below" and "Closure."

Chevelle Top Tracks

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