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Chayanne Concert Films

  • A Solas Con Chayanne


    Year: 2012

    Runtime: 1 hr 41 min

    CHAYANNE is a name synonymous of great musical talent and entertainment. With over 30 years in the music industry, CHAYANNE has accomplished selling over 20 million albums and touring worldwide, making him one of the most important figures in Latin pop. With this new release his fans get the chance to re-live with him, his greatest hits, and experience CHAYANNE’S energizing performance.
  • Viña del Mar


    Year: 2000

    Runtime: 57 min

    Famous Porto Rican singer Chayanne sings some of his hits like "Salomé”, “Atado A Tu Amor”, “Lo Dejaría Todo” or ““Provócame”in this concert recorded in Chile in February 2000.

Chayanne Top Tracks

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