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Brett Dennen

Born in 1979 in the small town of Oakdale, Calif., Brett Dennen has evolved from a home-schooled kid to a nationally recognized singer-songwriter. Echoing folk-legends like Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Paul Simon and Taj Mahal, BD's music blends folk, afro-beats and reggae with campy melodies, shimmering vocals and unfeigned lyrics. His eponymous debut, released in 2004, remained undiscovered until his 2006 breakthrough album, So Much More , gained attention from heavyweights like John Mayer and Dave Matthews. Backed by drummer Randy Schwartz and ALO guitarist Dan "Chops" Lebowitz and bassist Steve Adams, BD opened for John Mayer for his 2007 summer tour with Sheryl Crow. He's also played shows with Xavier Rudd, Shawn Colvin, Jackson Brown and Ziggy Marley.

Brett Dennen Concert Films

  • A Backyard Session with Brett Dennen

    Brett Dennen

    Year: 2013

    Runtime: 13 min

    Smoke And Mirrors is an odd title to sketch across the cover of Brett Dennen's 5th album. The tall, laid-back Californian has always brewed a batch of heartfelt, honest songwriting; a quality that seems more at the forefront than ever before. Born in the mountains around his cabin home, the three songs here bring with them a certain rustic ease. I suppose that's just what happens when your writing sessions are bookended by long hikes and cool dips in the lake. But the most obvious quality is just how personal Brett gets here, belting out anthems about staying true to ones' self, reminding us of the danger of overthinking things, or just declaring an anonymous love for someone. No Smoke, No Mirrors...just simple, acoustic honesty in our latest session.

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