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Boys Like Girls

Boston emo act Boys Like Girls didn't exactly appear overnight, but considering the fact that the band formed late in 2005 and were launching a highly-anticipated debut LP only a year later, their ascent is dizzying. Singer and guitarist Martin Johnson put the band together with guitarist Paul DiGiovanni, bassist Bryan Donahue and drummer John Keefe, gaining early fans through grass roots internet efforts and support from Panic At The Disco producer Matt Squire, who helped the band secure a deal with Columbia/Red Ink for their debut. They hit the road on a number of support tours before Squire produced their eponymous debut, which entered the Billboard 200 in April 2007. Their follow-up, Love Drunk, saw them reach the charts yet again.

Boys Like Girls Concert Films

  • Read Between the Lines

    Boys Like Girls

    Year: 2004

    Runtime: 1 hr 38 min

    Boys Like Girls' Read Between The Lines is a 100-minute documentary celebrating the past two and a half years of the band's ever-evolving story. The documentary intermixes more than 45 minutes of exhilarating live performances from the blockbuster "Soundtrack Of Your Summer Tour" with behind-the-scenes action from the road and in-depth interviews with Martin, Paul, Bryan and John. Insightful, revealing, and electrifying, Read Between The Lines is the ultimate collection of the band's highlights, hi-jinks and adventures since their 2006 breakthrough debut.

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