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Bootsy Collins

The prodigiously gifted bassist Bootsy Collins was a professional player as a teen in the musical hotbed (seriously) that was Cincinnati in the mid to late 1960s. He took the slapping and popping bass style of his hero, Larry Graham (bassist for Sly & the Family Stone), and brought his own low-down outrageousness to it. By 1970 his band was James Brown's backing band, recording and playing with the Godfather of Soul. Collins then joined George Clinton's band Funkadelic and helped them define their over-the-top Acid Funk sound and look. He hit the top of the R&B charts with Bootsy's Rubber Band a number of times in the late '70s. Collins remains a huge international star and a big influence on hip-hop artists, who have sampled his basslines countless times.

Bootsy Collins Concert Films

  • North Sea Jazz Festival

    Bootsy Collins

    Year: 1997

    Runtime: 1 hr 47 min

    This DVD vividly captures all the excitement and energy of one of Boots's spectacular stage shows. Filmed at the Northsea Jazz Festival in 1998, it features hits and stage favourites from his time fronting his own bands as well as from his P-Funk days with Parliament and Funkadelic. Track listing: Mothership Connection (Star Child); Ahh! ... The Name Is Bootsy, Baby; Bootsy? (What s The Name Of This Town?); Psychoticbumpschool; Keep Dah Funk Alive 4-1995; Party-Lick-A-Bles; Funk Express Card; I m Leaving U (Go, Gotta Go); Who-Ya-Hey; Bernie s In And Outro; Funkentelechy; One Nation Under A Groove; Roto-Rooter; Good-n-Nasty; Save What s Mine For Me; I d Rather Be With You; Do The Freak; A Sacred Place (R.I.P.); Stretchin Out (In A Rubber Band); Touch Somebody; Night Thumpasourus People.

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