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Ben Harper

A California native, Ben Harper puts a fresh perspective on Woodstock-era folk rock, 1970s soul and pretty much any other genre he comes into contact with. Harper's classic rock 'n' soul 'n' blues approach can come off like early-career Lenny Kravitz, but his honesty and integrity place him in a different category; in fact, the way Harper has built his audience up brings Bruce Springsteen to mind.

Harper's solo debut, Welcome to the Cruel World, came out in 1994 and immediately caught on with the quickly growing jam rock underground (then called "Dead Heads," kids). While this meant that Harper was filling concert venues while selling relatively few CDs, it also meant that an ever-growing army of new converts keeps buying his back catalog titles.

In 1997, "Steal My Kisses" became a hit single and helped make Will to Live Harper's first charting album. While his inclusive political vibe and ease with multiple genres may have seemed quaint during the Clinton years, his musical worldview was made more relevant than ever when the reactionary 2000s came around and reintroduced the public to the same things that Harper's musical forebears sang about ... See More

Ben Harper Concert Films

  • Live at Metro Theatre

    Ben Harper & Relentless7

    Year: 2018

    Runtime: 1 hr 28 min

    The California native is a natural born showman, a slide-guitar legend whose ability to dabble in (and pull off) everything from folk blues to country jazz and reggae has earned Harper legions of fans the world over. So when we were given the opportunity to film Ben Harper accompanied by the blues-driven Texas trio Relentless7 at the Metro in Sydney, needless to say we were a little bit excited. And it may have been filmed in 2009, but this show was such a stand out favorite of ours there was no question that it was set to become one of our Classic Concerts someday.

Ben Harper Top Tracks

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