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All That Remains

Massachusetts' All That Remains balance surgically precise riffs with soaring vocal choruses that aren't afraid to flirt with emo at its poppiest. Shadows Fall vocalist Phil Labonte and guitarist Oli Herbert -- an innovative shredder fond of unusual modes, like the Hungarian minor scale -- formed the band in 1998, and by 2002 they had signed to Metal Blade. After a few lineup changes, including the addition of guitarist Mike Martin, 2004's This Darkened Heart proved the band's breakout album, with the production of Killswitch Engage's Adam Dutkiewicz putting just the right degree polish on their fusion of Swedish black metal stylings and American emo yearning. In 2006 they followed up with The Fall of Ideals and hit the road with the Ozzfest before strutting their stuff on 2007's incendiary All that Remains Live. For all the hardcore swagger on display on stage, 2008's Overcome encountered a backlash from fans none too enamored of the band's radio-ready choruses.

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